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Ever wondered what kind of dater you are? Take the quiz to find out what your last relationship says about your dating personality.


What kind of partner was this person?

What is the age difference between you?

How did you meet this person?

What initially attracted you to this person?

Who initiated the relationship ?

What was the main compromise you had to make (if any)?

How long did the relationship last ?

Why did the relationship end?

There's a difference between aggressive and assertive. Sometimes Deliza my dear, you cross it. A femme fatale who probably dresses to kill and gets what they want, there is something a little cold in your approach. Whilst I'm all for chasing, there's a point where you need to reflect on what it is that you want other than carnal pleasures. Because you are driven by pleasure and impulse you tend to end up in great passions that may not last very long. You also forget to ask the other person what they need from you. Maybe it's time to harness all of that energy you have and use it to get something special?
Wow, I love how you just leave everything up to chance with no real thought for yourself or what's best for you. That belief that love will find you is very teenage fantasy and I'm all for holding onto a fantasy but the other person may not know what's going on in your head. There's a certain innocence to the way you approach dating which is cute and that's what you are, a cute Bridget Jones stumbling between crushes and partners. Whilst you're a bit of a dreamer you don't have a clear dating dream and it shows. Dawn, wake up! You tend to sacrifice too much for the other person.
Dora, you're a typical dater. People probably don't understand why you're still dating as you're a catch. You could be a fashionista Carrie from Sex and the City but also the girl next door, nerdy type who has read a lot about dating and knows what to do. You want to be loved for who you are. Your relationships seem balanced and you're generally happy with your life. Great place to start! Now it's time to step into your best self securely and clearly. Doing the work to move you into unbeatable dating is easier for you because you have less of a road to travel.
Davina, your ethereal sense of self is beautiful to behold. it's a soul mate you want and you won't settle for anything less. You're secure in your uniqueness and that may be deemed intimidating but for the right person, it's exactly what they want to. Whilst this is great and you can manifest whomever you want to be with the chances are there are very few soulmates out there. So you may spend a lot of your relationships being misunderstood and deemed too intense. The one for you will be there when you're ready. It's just about being clear about who that is because you know who you are.

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